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Climate Change Statement of Action (PDF) 1MB

Our Universities Our Future (PDF) 1MB

The Medical School Expansion Interim Report - Investing in Health Communities (PDF) 1.1MB

Accelerating Business Growth Through Advanced Education and Research (PDF) 1.1MB

The Innovation Equation: When we invest - We Win! (PDF) 460KB

Will I Get In? Access and Capacity in British Columbia's University System (PDF) 350KB

Mandates, Roles and Responsibilities in the Public Post-Secondary Education System in British Columbia (PDF) 560KB

Discovery Parks (PDF) 464KB

Trends in Higher Education: Shifting the Policy Debate (PDF) 325KB

The British Columbia Cancer Agency Genome Sciences Centre: Platforms for collaborative genomic analyses. (PDF) 2,606KB

The Medical School Expansion Interim Report (PDF) 780KB

The Core Review (PDF) 58KB

A report from the BC Universities - "Creating Opportunity Together" (PDF) 524KB

University Research Brochure (PDF) 260KB

Investing in Research Infrastructure (PDF) 71KB

Renewal and Retention Report

1999 TUPC Annual Report (PDF) 198KB or (Word DOC) 5.35MB

1997 TUPC Annual Report (PDF) 205KB

1996 TUPC Annual Report (PDF) 186KB

1994 TUPC Annual Report (PDF) 113KB

1993 TUPC Annual Report (PDF) 100KB

1992 TUPC Annual Report (PDF) 95KB

Student Outcomes

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