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Renewal and Retention

Attracting and Keeping Faculty and Senior Administrators at British Columbian Universities

In September 1999, the Laurier Institution was commissioned by the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, University of Victoria, University of Northern British Columbia and the Confederation of University Faculty Associations of British Columbia to examine issues relating to the renewal and retention of senior administrators and tenured and tenure track faculty at B.C. universities.

The need to address recruitment and retention issues is especially important in light of expected retirement patterns. Approximately one third of British Columbia's tenured university professors and university senior administrators will retire over the next ten years. An estimated 2,200 of BCs 3,000 university faculty will need to be replaced during the next decade due to retirement and other attrition. The demographic distribution creating this phenomenon is also being experienced by universities elsewhere in Canada, in the United States and around the world. Thus, BC universities find themselves in an international competition to attract and retain the best professors.

The report prepared by the Laurier Institution canvasses these issues and highlights the challenges facing universities and government in sustaining high quality teaching and research at British Columbia's public universities.

Last Updated: 00/08/15
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