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Select a university and program area below to see comparative results across multiple survey years:

System Level

Simon Fraser University

University of Northern
British Columbia

BC System - All Programs
BC System - Fine and Performing Arts
BC System - Computing Science
BC System - Engineering
BC System - Education
BC System - Law
BC System - Health Professions
BC System - Health, Fitness and Kinesiology
BC System - Business
BC System - Natural Resources and Agriculture
BC System - Social Sciences
BC System - Humanities
BC System - Life Sciences
BC System - Physical Sciences
SFU - All Programs
SFU - Fine and Performing Arts
SFU - Computing Science
SFU - Engineering
SFU - Education
SFU - Health, Fitness and Kinesiology
SFU - Business
SFU - Natural Resources and Agriculture
SFU - Social Sciences
SFU - Humanities
SFU - Life Sciences
SFU - Physical Sciences
UNBC - All Programs
UNBC - Computing Science
UNBC - Health Professions
UNBC - Business
UNBC - Natural Resources and Agriculture
UNBC - Social Sciences
UNBC - Humanities
UNBC - Life Sciences
UNBC - Physical Sciences

University of British Columbia

University of Victoria

Royal Roads University

UBC - All Programs
UBC - Fine and Performing Arts
UBC - Computing Science
UBC - Engineering
UBC - Education
UBC - Law
UBC - Health Professions
UBC - Health, Fitness and Kinesiology
UBC - Business
UBC - Natural Resources and Agriculture
UBC - Social Sciences
UBC - Humanities
UBC - Life Sciences
UBC - Physical Sciences
UVIC - All Programs
UVIC - Fine and Performing Arts
UVIC - Computing Science
UVIC - Engineering
UVIC - Education
UVIC - Law
UVIC - Health Professions
UVIC - Health, Fitness and Kinesiology
UVIC - Business
UVIC - Social Sciences
UVIC - Humanities
UVIC - Life Sciences
UVIC - Physical Sciences
RRU - All Programs
RRU - Business
RRU - Natural Resources and Agriculture

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